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Looking for advice for the best route (lowest altitude) rapid City to Salt lake City.
Steve Cohen , Indian Rocks Beach, FL (6/26/2018)

Hi Steve, I posted your request on the SDPA Facebook page to get some responses. Steve Hamilton

i am looking for a helicopter pilot that worked at Avera hosp. In Aberdeen in the mid 90s . I have interesting web sight and doc. About my dad, Ed Appel .
Jean , Groton (1/1/2016)

Hi Jean, I have added your comment to the SDPA newsletter and asked people to contact you at your email address. Steve Hamilton

In WW2 my father served as a Navy Corpsman with Scouting Squadron 64. It was created by Admiral Halsey from the orphaned catapult SOC Seagulls from the cruisers that were knocked out of action at Tassafaronga. They lost 40% of their aircrews in the first month of scouting operations over Guadalcanal and the slot. Dad volunteered to fly in the 2nd seat and participated in several combat missions. He operated a machine gun and strafed enemy positions on Guadalcanal. He was Dr. Sam J. Holman of Aberdeen, South Dakota. The squadron received a Navy Unit Commendation that describes their actions in some detail. It was very rare for a Navy corpsman to serve in aerial combat.
John Holman , Fort Worth, Texas (5/24/2015)

Dr. Holman was a veterinarian for 53 years in Wessington Springs and Aberdeen. He passed away on November 9, 2012, at age 93.

Looking for Civil Air Patrol members that served during WW II as they are being awarded the Congressional Gold Medal on Dec 10th in D.C.. Of course most have passed but would like to ensure their families receive the medal in their honor.
John Seten , Sioux Falls, SD (11/19/2014)

Hi John, The SDPA will post your message on the SDPA web site Guest Book and also in the January-February issue of the SDPA News newsletter. Steve Hamilton, SDPA Executive Director

Coming to Spearfish to visit the Hall of Fame and to see my father, Vayl Oxford, Lt. Col. location in the Hall.
Glen Oxford , Nashville, TN (5/27/2014)

Hi Glen, Thank you for writing in a our guest book. The plaque with your dad's name is located at the SD Air & Space Museum next to Ellsworth AFB. The SD Hall of Fame display is in the museum wing to the right of the entrance. Your dad's plaque is located in column 16, row 13 on the Combat Air Crew Memorial wall. Plan to spend some time at the museum, inside and outside, to view the numerous displays and aircraft. There are some displays at Black Hills Aero located on the Spearfish Airport. Steve Hamilton SDPA Executive Director.

Looking for ways South Dakota educates youth in aviation.
Sean Davis , Bismarck, ND (10/16/2013)

Hi Sean, The South Dakota Pilots Association educates youth in aviation in several ways: on our web site is information about the SD Aviation Art Contest, SD ACE Camp (we sponsor two West River students and two East River students each year), aviation scholarships, SD Civil Air Patrol with its cadet program, and EAA Chapters with their Young Eagles program. Local airports such as Yankton have hosted school outings and Airport Days for 7th graders. A “Starbase Camp” (U.S. Department of Defense program) was held for 5 weeks in October 2010 at Hot Springs for 5th graders. Some other states conduct teacher workshops (Montana) and statewide fly-ins with displays aimed at students, but I don’t recall any in South Dakota. Steve Hamilton, Executive Director, SDPA.

Looking for a flying club near Springfield.
Tony Baczynski , Springfield, SD (3/25/2013)

I have passed your email address on the a couple of members of the Bon Homme Flyers, which have a plane based at Springfield. Steve Hamilton, Executive Director

Hello I am trying to get into contact with anyone who wrote about Clyde Ice and Charlie Orelup because everyone has spelt my great grandfathers name wrong in everything written and i am the first of my family to find it and would love to get it fixed
C. Orelup , Rapid City, SD (3/19/2013)

Thank you for the correct spelling of your grandfather's name. We will alert our members through the Guest Book and our newsletter. Steve Hamilton, Executive Director

Spent my younger years growing up and living in Rapid City. Occasionally fly my RV-9A (Experimental) back to visit friends. Enjoy your "South Dakota Pilots" web site. Thanks.
Guy Trudeau , Larkspur, CO (1/31/2013)

Hi Guy, Thank you for the compliment on the SDPA web site. We try to update it four or five times a year. Steve Hamilton, Executive Director

Hello I was hoping you could help put some information out to SD pilots. I have housing available in Oshkosh WI home of the EAA FLY-IN for 2013. I would be interested in bartering some pheasant hunting or prairie dog hunting. I live within walking distance of airport. Please contact me more information. thanks Rory Moxon
Rory Moxon , Oshkosh,WI (1/1/2013)

Hi Rory, I will add your email information to the Jan-Feb 2013 SDPA newsletter, and have added it to our Guest Book page. Steve Hamilton, SDPA Executive Director

Would like info on placing add in your news letter.
Larry Niebuhr , Canton SD 57013 (7/21/2012)

Hi Larry, I have emailed you information about advertising in the SDPA News. Steve Hamilton, SDPA Executive Director

I started flying with Cec Ice, Pierre 1948 & he had an instructor, J.P. Winn, CFI #c353697. Anyone know if he is around? Thanks (Cec also gave me 2 lessons in Onida in 47 when I was 16.)
Lou Lomheim , Sioux Falls, SD (6/5/2012)

Hi Lou, I have added your request to our Guest Book page. If it is alright with you, I will also add your request to our newsletter, which will be mailed to about 350 members on July 1st. I don't know JP Winn, but perhaps one of our members does know him. Steve Hamilton, SDPA Executive Director

I would like to purchase brochure if possible from the 1948 Air Fair At the Watertown, SD. Airport. We were one of many families living in the base housing at the time. Lt. Col. Joe Foss & National Guard's flew F-51's along with the Blue Angels. Thank you
Gail Robison , Pismo Beach,CA (3/3/2012)

Hi Gail, I have added your request to the Guest Book. Hopefully, someone will reply. I will also add your request to the next newsletter, which will come out on May 1, (our last newsletter was mailed on March 1). Steve Hamilton, Executive Director

I am looking for a marve Stickle (not sure of spelling) He had a piper j3 in Mitchell SD in 1949, my mother Lucille Rich took lessons from him. I am looking for any information. Thank you
marcie selton , LeSueur, MN (9/21/2011)

Hi Marcie, I have added your request to our newsletter which goes out to 330 members on November 1, 2011. UPDATE: September 19, 2013: I am sorry to report that Marv Stickel passed away at Mitchell, SD, on March 15, 2013. His obituary is on the Bittner Funeral Chapel web site. Steve Hamilton, Executive Director

Thank you SO very much for inducting my father into the SD Aviation Hall of Fame. It has made all of us so proud of him!!
Sally (Skotvold) Crouser , Helotes, TX (8/9/2011)

Hi Sally, Congratulations on having your father inducted into the Combat Air Crew Memorial of the SD Aviation Hall of Fame. The ceremony will take place on August 27, 2011, at Black Hills Aero at Spearfish Airport. His name will be added to the list of inductees on SDAHF the web page sometime in September. Steve Hamilton, Executive Director

Is the Steve Hamilton in your org. a former Navy A6 pilot? If so, I was his BN.
Vincent OBrien , Va Beach, VA (8/5/2011)

Hi Vincent, Nope, this Steve Hamilton grew up in Sioux City, IA, and was an aircraft mechanic in the U.S. Air Force from 1966 to 1970. [FOOTNOTE: BN stands for "bombardier navigator."] Steve Hamilton, Executive Director

Nice site, I have 2 uncles listed as inductees. Clinton C. Becker and Virgil L. Burke. Both WW II Vets. and heroes in my eyes. Nice to see they are honored by thier home state. Thanks.
Tom Becker , Houston, Tx. (3/25/2011)

Hi Tom, The SDPA is honored to recognize inductees into the Combat Air Crew Memorial of the SD Aviation Hall of Fame. Glad you found our web site. Regards, Steve Hamilton Executive Director.

great website
leon basler , bismarck,nd (3/4/2011)

Hi Leon, Thank you for the kind comment about the SDPA web site. We are pleased to list your web site on our Links page. Wishing you clear skies, Steve Hamilton , Executive Director

I grew up in the Chamberlain area. My uncle John Bode bought a new PA11 Piper in 1947? I'm looking for that plane. To help in the search my aunt is looking for pictures that have the N number. John took care of the airport at Chamberlain for a number of years. If you knew John drop me a line I'd enjoy hearing from you. Also if you knew Gary Truman or his dad Louie I'd like to hear from you. Louie and Gary had a PA11 that was a twin to Johns, the N numbers were one digit off. I and Gary were best friends. RIP Gary! My Cell# 406-539-6678
Larry Bode , Bozeman, MT (2/27/2011)

Hi Larry, We printed your comment in our newsletter, which was mailed to 330 members. Hope someone who knows the people you mentioned got back in contact with you. Good luck on your search, Steve Hamilton, Executive Director

I have been trying to locate Dick L Rayburn, AFUPT 72-04. Noticed his name in your membership list.
Charles G Siegert , Roswell, Ga (1/15/2011)

Hi Charles, Thank you for your inquiry about Dick L. Rayburn on the Guest Book of the SDPA web site. I maintain the South Dakota Pilots Association (SDPA) web site and also the list of current and past SDPA members. Richard L. Rayburn is listed on the website as a member of the Combat Air Crew Memorial Section of the SD Aviation Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, he is not a current or past member of the SDPA. I do not know the year that Dick was inducted into the Combat Air Crew Memorial. I have forwarded this email to Ted Miller, President of the SD Aviation Hall of Fame. Perhaps Ted can look up the nomination form and see if there is contact information for Dick Rayburn. Regards, Steve Hamilton, Executive Director [FOOTNOTE: I did find Dick's contact information and sent him Charles's contact information.]

I have two post cards one is entitled first monoplane in SD, 1914. Pilot was Price from Wagner SD. Can anyone tell me about this. Second is of the monoplane flying. Writing on the back is sent to AJ with a date of 1914.
James (Jim) Novak , Opelika, Alabama (8/30/2010)

SDPA member and SD Aviation Historian Norma Kraemer replied: “It is possible that your postcard represents the "first" monoplane to fly in South Dakota by a South Dakotan. However, the first recorded instance of a "monoplane" flying in the state was at the Huron State Fair in 1912. There were two biplanes and one monoplane that appeared that year with two of the pilots from Europe, Marcel Tournier, a Frenchman, and Paul Studenski, a Russian. I have no record of which plane each man flew. The Frenchman might be the logical choice for the monoplane, since the French were Bleriot fans. However, I would hesitate to make an absolute statement. Thank you for your interest. I would be fascinated to see a picture of your postcard. Postcard photography was the standard of the day. The oldest postcard I found for use in my new book was from 1908 of an airship at the Huron State Fair. Because of the lack of instant communications that we are used to today there are a lot of so-called "firsts" in old newspaper accounts. It is not that they were making false claims, they just had no way of really knowing.”

I was looking for Dwight Pladsen. The last I heard he was working in Rapid City. I used to work for Dwight when he was the Chief Pilot of Weather Modification, Inc in Bowman North Dakota. I'd love to hear from him again, just to way hello. Thanks
Karl Petersen , Trinity, FL (7/22/2010)

Hi Karl, I emailed your request on to Dwight Pladsen. Dwight has moved out of state, and we miss his in-insightful comments on aviation at our SDPA meetings. Steve Hamilton, Executive Director

i've recently discovered that my great great grandfather edward canice curran was a hall of fame inductee in 1998...amazing. i have also just recently seen a picture of him with his plane. iam very curious to learn more about him
DeAnna Geiger , johnson city, tn (7/18/2010)

Hi DeAnna, I have passed your contact information and comment on to Ted Miller, President of the South Dakota Aviation Hall of Fame, and printed your note in our newsletter, which goes to 330 members. Hopefully, Ted can provide you with information about your great great grandfather. Steve Hamilton, Executive Director

Just looking for flight information to learn to fly. I did not know South Dakota had a pilots association.
ShaRon M. Kelly , Dell Rapids, South Dakota (7/11/2010)

Hi ShaRon, I emailed you information on flight instructors in the Dell Rapids - Sioux Falls area. Steve Hamilton, Executive Director

Was looking for Norm Telkamp. He used to give me rides in his cub in Armour, SD. when I was a young boy. Those rides kicked open the door to my fascination with aviation. I have been flying at Continental Airlines for 21 years. I currently fly the 767 & 757 and flew the 727, DC-9, DC-10 over the years. I also was a "Hurricane Hunter" in the USAFR. Just wanted to tell him thanks.
Chris Urquieta , Canyon Lake, Texas (4/7/2010)

Hi Chris, I printed your comment in our newsletter. Hopefully someone who knows Norm will pass your comment on to him. Steve Hamilton, Executive Director

Im originally from Nebraska, and I was wondering if there is any kind of a demand for sheet metal replacment parts for old airplanes or anything that you cant buy. Im a sheet metal shaper by trade and do alot of parts for planes here in AZ like wacos and even yak 50 and 52's. Can make anything from cowlings to wheel fairings to body panels. Just curious.
Tony , AZ (3/6/2010)

Hi Tony, I printed your message in our newsletter in case any of our members wanted to contact you. Steve Hamilton, Executive Director

Great news letter and web site!
Lindell Howard , Mt. Vernon, SD (1/19/2010)

Hi Lindell, Thank you for your kind comment. Steve Hamilton, Executive Director

I was on google looking for something when I typed my name in and found I was not the only BArry Bibler in the world. I think that is awesome. Would love to hear from the other one if he has time. Barry
Barry Bibler , Salem, Oregon (1/6/2010)

Hi Barry, I forwarded you message to "our" Barry Bibler who has been a long-time member of SDPA, past SDPA president, and current District Director. Check out the Officers page of the SDPA web site. Steve Hamilton, Executive Director

I have visited the landing site of the 1935 stratosphere balloon. Small plaque but interesting story. My family are all pilots in alabama.
Mickey Bates , Clanton, Alabama (12/31/2009)

Hi Mickey, Thank you for your comment. The three scientists involved in the Stratobowl flight have been inducted into the SD Aviation Aviation Hall of Fame. Steve Hamilton, Executive Director

I want to compliment you on a very nice website. Anyone interested in knowing more about the FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam), please contact me at: 605-737-3024
Steven R. Hoogerhyde , Rapid City, SD (11/22/2009)

Hi Steve, Thank you for your comment. Hoogerdyde has been at the Rapid City FSDO many years until becoming the FAASTeam Program Manager - Operations. Steve Hamilton, Executive Director

Im looking for any info. on my Great Grandfather who was in the air corps. when the explorer 2 set the record in 1935. I recently found my birth mother"i was adopted" now she would like to know more about her Dad Harry Conrad Howard. anything would be great Thanks JOHN;
John DeVries , Victorville Ca. (7/20/2009)

Hi John, I passed your request on to the SD Aviation Hall of Fame. Hopefully they can help you. Steve Hamilton, Executive Director

I want to send greetings to your member Myra Christensen. We know each other for more than 30 years. We visited her 12 years ago and had a very good time in Pierre.
Marlies Kimmig , Germany (10/3/2008)

Hi Marlies, I passed your request on to Myra who seemed very pleased to have heard from you. We're glad you got reconnected. Steve Hamilton, Executive Director

Enjoyed the site. I acquired a 140 in the past year and hope to fly to the Hills during Rally Week. Any non radio uncontrolled fields in the area recommended would be greatly appreciated. My friend lives on Nemo road. Close to that would be great! Thanks!
Scott Olson , St. Cloud MN (3/25/2008)

Hi Scott, Thanks for your comment on the SDPA web site. I forwarded your request to some contacts in the Black Hills. Steve Hamilton, Executive Director

Hi. Great site. I used to fly life flight for RCRH and I'm looking for Pilot Dave and wondering if he is still around. Thanx,
Tami McCune Pageler , Huron S.D. (3/23/2008)

Hi Tami, I am not sure who "Pilot Dave" is, but I forwarded your request on to some long-time aviators in the Rapid City area. Maybe they remember who "Pilot Dave" is. Steve Hamilton, Executive Director

I used to be a T-38 Instructor Pilot in the Us Air Force & I have flown the T-38 that is "On display" at the Yankton Airport many, many times. Does anyone have a good photo of the T-38 that's at Yankton Airport? If you do, please attach a Photo to an email & send it to me. Thanks, Roger
Roger DuClos , Elkhorn, Wi (8/16/2007)

Hi Roger, I happen to live in Yankton and helped work on the T-38 project. I have created a PowerPoint presentation on it's restoration, but it is too big a file to email. I have forwarded a photo of the mounted aircraft to you. Steve Hamilton, Executive Director

Nice web site with lots of great info. I will recommend it to all my students. Bill's Helicopter Flight School
Bill Albrecht , De Smet, SD (5/11/2007)

Hi Bill, Thanks for your kind comment. Steve Hamilton, Executive Director (FOOTNOTE: Bill has trained a lot of helicopter pilots.)

My son has begun helicopter training in Oregon. Are there any training programs in Eastern Wyo/Western S. Dakota/SE Montana? Thanks
D Bush , Boise, Idaho (4/10/2007)

Hi D Bush, Yes, helicopter flight training is available in SD from Bill's Helicopter Flight School in DeSmet, SD. Steve Hamilton, Executive Director

As a school counselor, I would like to compliment the scholarship listing on this site. Great effort!
Dwayne J. LaFave , DeSmet, SD (3/2/2007)

Hi Dwayne, Thank you for your comment. Steve Hamilton, Executive Director (FOOTNOTE: Dwayne has been a member since September 2003 and became the SDPA District 3 Director in early 2011.)

Hi, I am trying to find pictures of the November 11, 1935 event with Capt. Albert W. Stevens and Capt. Orvil A. Anderson in South Dakota. My relative was in the service and helped with this event. Does anyone know where I can get pictures of this event, or is there even pictures? Thanks for your help Debby Anderson
Debby Anderson , Benson, Arizona (2/12/2007)

Hi Debby, Your request for photos has been forwarded. I believe there are several photos of the Stratobowl flights at The Journey Museum in Rapid City. Steve Hamilton, Executive Director


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